Professional Diving Services International

Ted Gawronski, Professional Dive Instructor.

Just before moving to Florida,Ted was involved with offshore powerboat racing as Patrol Commander for the Great Lakes Offshore Powerboat Racing Association. He later got the opportunity to drive professionally in National Offshore Powerboat races from the Great Lakes to the Jersey Shore down the eastern seaboard to Florida. Eventually, he decided to stay in South Florida and pursue a full time career in the diving industry.

Ted now operates Adventure Scuba Diving & Tiburon Dive Charters, a SDI/TDI 5 Star Dive Center & NAUI Pro Gold Training Facility. The dive facility is located at 13463 NE 17th Ave. in North Miami. The only "diving center & dive charter facility" in the N.Miami/Miami Beach area.

Ted is also owner of PDSI,Professional Diving Services International, a Miami based company providing underwater support and services, worldwide.

Teaching basic open water scuba thru advanced diving and specialties, Ted is one of the most qualified full time instructors in South Florida. He is certified as an instructor with National Association of Underwater Instructors, (NAUI), Scuba Diving International, (SDI), Technical Diving International, SDI / TDI and associated with Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI). He is also an instructor/dive center sponsor for Divers Alert Network (DAN) ,founder of the Biscayne Bay Scuba Club and fearless leader of the Trident Spearfishing Gang.

A TDI Tech Instructor, Ted is an avid advanced technical deep air diver (TDI #009) who is certified to teach Nitrox and Extended Range Diving.

Phone 305-891-3144