Adventure Scuba Diving

Basic Courses

Snorkeler ... Have fun learning to float and swim comfortably on the surface and learn to make shallow dives using masks, fins and snorkel.

Skin Diver ... Free diving offers great rewards for the dedicated breath-hold adventurer. Learn surface diving techniques and mental disipline that will allow you to extend your breath-hold time underwater.

Easy Scuba Experience ... In about an hour, you can experience a taste of scuba diving in a pool. This program is a quick and fun way to discover if scuba diving is for you.

Scuba Diver ... Few activities offer the personal satisfaction that comes with earning your entry level scuba certification. Imagine the thrill of taking your first scuba dive without the supervision of an instructor, just you and your diving partner. This program is the most comprehensive entry-level recreational diver training available.

Advanced Scuba Diver ... For newly certified or experienced divers, this course is just diving, diving, diving. Learning about new diving environments and being introduced to different diving activities will increase the pleasures and self-confidence of diving even more.

Master Scuba Diver ... Recognized by diving professionals around the world as the most comprehensive and challenging advanced training program available to recreational scuba divers. You'll gain advanced understanding through focused academic study and the development of superior water skills.

Scuba Rescue Diver ... Scuba diving is exciting, but like all adventure sports it has inherent risks that may result in injury or worse. Being knowledgeable in how potentially dangerous situations can transpire may allow you to prevent such occurrences from happening. Having solid skill training in both surface and underwater rescue will make you a better diver and a sought-after diving partner.

Specialty Diver ... Through a combination of academic study and practical application, you'll discover vast new worlds of underwater adventure. An extensive selection of special interest diving programs are available.

Leadership Courses ... Divemaster course is demanding but very rewarding, we specialize in this.

We've just added  2 new and exciting Resort "Adventure" Courses to our program.

Full Face Mask Course

Specialty Courses

Nitrox Course

Technical Courses

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